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Describes an issue in Office 365 in which email messages that you send on behalf of another user from a shared mailbox in Outlook aren't saved to the Sent Items folder of the shared mailbox. Provides a …

Message Windows: Status is not shown correctly in nicklist and chat list It depends on the name the client gives to sent mail. I have an IMAP account that I use on an Android device and Windows Live Mail on a PC. The Android names the sending folder as 'Sent' but WLM names the sending folder as 'Sent Items' so you get both folders on both devices.

September all the devices have stopped synchronising the sent items folders, all mail is received and. unfortunately, the messages I send do not appear in any of the folders :(. Please check for any similar options in Windows Live Mail.

2019-12-7 · Sent Items Problem with Windows Live Mail in my IMAP account instead it is showing up under the sent items folder under the storage folders. Items folder but for some reason they are not Messages Aren't Saved in the Sent Items Folder 2020-1-7 · The messages you send using each account are placed in the Sent Items folder in the data file associated with the account, not in one main sent folder. To locate your folders, browse the folder list and look for additional Sent items folders. To make it easier to find this folder, drag it to the Favorites list at the top of the Mail navigation Sent Emails not appearing in "sent - Telstra Crowdsupport We use several email clients such as Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express on our local pc's at work. All are set up with POP3 and use a common mail address.Since being migrated from ( any emails sent from individual pc clients do not show in the Sent folder on the Telstra Mail webmail site. iCloud 'Sent Items' not synced - Apple Community 2012-3-16 · I just found a issue that if you send emails from web browser, and those emails will not appear in Sent Items in 'Windows Live Mail' client. On the another hand, if you send the emails though the mail client, you will see the emails showing up in 'Sent Items' in the mail client but not …

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2011-5-21 · Recently migrated to Windows Live Mail and copied the sent items folders but in the 'To' field, my own name appears instead of name of the person whom I sent email to? Windows Live Mail - Sent Item. The message could not be sent because the server rejected the sender's email address. The sender's email address was Browsers & Mail Solved: emails sent from iphone do not appear in the Sent It depends on the name the client gives to sent mail. I have an IMAP account that I use on an Android device and Windows Live Mail on a PC. The Android names the sending folder as 'Sent' but WLM names the sending folder as 'Sent Items' so you get both folders on both devices. Solved: Windows Live Mail lost almost all sent items 2014-12-24 · I just happened to check my Sent Items folder in my Windows Live Mail a few minutes ago. I keep 3 months of Sent items there (delete older ones on the 1st of each month), so there should be ~100+ emails in the folder. There are 6, 4 of which were sent within the last couple of days, plus two that are a month or so old. Syncing iPhone Sent Messages with Outlook

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Folders (Sent, Junk and Deleted Items) Created in Windows Live Mail - Today in items" and "Junk E-mail" are their duplicates created by Windows Live Mail IMAP server" option present under "Special Folders" section is missing in Mail. 17 Jul 2019 It could be that you've configured your account to leave a copy on the mail server, but this would not apply to sent items, nor would that maintain  When you configure email account using Windows Live Mail, you may need to change a few settings in order for your sent and deleted mail to be visible across two or more devices. (Note, if the menu bar is not visible at the top, you can hold down the Alt key Tick the box marked Check for new messages in all folders. 7. Outlook 2010; Outlook 2013; Outlook 2019; Windows Live Mail; Mozilla Choose the More settings option which will appear on the right side of this screen. not save copies of sent items is not ticked and this will sync your sent items to the  Switch Your Xfinity Connect Email From POP to IMAP on Windows Live Mail the various folders (inbox, sub folders, trash or sent items) on your POP account, newly configured IMAP folders (and after ensuring that no emails are missing),  startup items and make sure mail washwer is not checked. Mailwasher is not shown in the startup in msconfig. but in the settings of Today, I lost 3 emails which I fortunately had read and about 6 that were in my sent folder. If you accidentally delete some emails in Windows Live Mail, you will not be able to Enter your name into the "Display Name for Your Sent Messages" and then 

If you accidentally delete some emails in Windows Live Mail, you will not be able to Enter your name into the "Display Name for Your Sent Messages" and then  running windows live mail. All is good except for the sent items list for the sent items list. It is showing myself instead of the recipient , why is this and is Windows Live Mail 2009 (14.0.8089.0726) in Win7 Ultimate x64) "viporpa" I have tried that in the columns area , but it did not work. It still shows Try these solutions if you can't receive or send messages from your Hotmail, Live, or MSN email account, or you're not sure how to sign in or sign In your folder list, choose the Junk Email folder and look for the missing email. You can't send email from Windows Live Mail, a mobile device, or Outlook on  if you don't see your messages or events in Mail and Calendar for Windows 10. This article provides solutions if you can sync (send and receive) messages but Email has gone missing: Email that was previously available in the Mail app is no They should contact Microsoft support through 19 Sep 2018 SOLVED: Outlook sent items list is not updating. 1. Select the Save Click Mail on the left of the Outlook Options window. Then select the Save  22 Feb 2019 Windows Live Mail will receive emails but won't send them A small tip: while experimenting set it to NOT delete received messages from the  Windows Live Mail by default will save Storage Folders (Inbox, Drafts, Outbox, still find emails here, even though they appear to be missing in the GUI. Whilst you are in that menu, ensure you have the other items correct

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Change where sent email messages are saved when using an Exchange account. By default, a copy of each message that you send is saved in the Sent Items folder.. When you reply to or forward an email message that is saved in any folder other than the Inbox, you can configure Outlook to save a copy of the sent message in the same folder as the original message. How to Find a Copy of Sent Emails in Windows | It Still Works Windows email clients (Outlook Express, Windows Live Email, and Windows Mail, for example) give users the ability to save emails that have been sent. By default, the email client displays these sent emails in the “Sent Items” folder of the email program. Windows saves … Can't view bcc recipients in Windows Live Mail sent mail 2014-4-4 · All Sent Items only shows mail you've sent using Live Mail, not the sent mail on the server that you may have sent using other email programs. Browsers & Mail: Windows Mail Select Recipients box show order I've had Windows Mail working well on Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit for over a year with no problems until very recently. A problem started